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Short Story written by: Romina Anabel

Once upon a time there was a little cook living in a faraway town, it was really faraway. She was called Caroline, was a cute and good girl, her hair colour was gold-blond, curly and long until her waistline, her eyes were blue like the sky and her lips were so pink coloured that even the roses were amazed of it. She had cutie freckles on her cheeks that gave her a touch of prank.

The faraway town had a king who was always sad, in a bad mood and bored. He was always eating chips, hamburguers, soda, sweets and all the junk food he could buy, because he did not have any chef in palace due to his difficult character.


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Short Story for Kids written by: Zaira Platon

Once upon a time, there was a kid called Mathew who had a little teddy bear and was always taking it with him everywhere; even to the garden. He used to give him a bath, and comb him and was always feeding him.

One day, his two year old cousin came, and wanted to take the teddy bear. But Mathew didn´t let him, because it was his friend.


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Short Story written by Yeimy Tatiana Cortes Parra.

Once upon a time there was a panda bear who was very sad because had no friends to play.

That same day, he met a girl panda bear who was also looking for friends to play, and they became very good friends.

Some days later, the bear went to her house to look for her, and went happy to the park. Once at the park, another bear with no friends approached them and said:


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Short Story written by: Katherin Martinez

Once upon a time, there was a princess called Lily, who was very conceited. One day, her father Marcus ordered the servants to clean up the waiting room, because the deputies of France were coming.

Lily´s mother was really bad, she ordered her servants to clean her dirty feet. Lily was more calm than her sisters; Lulu, Pipi, Sissi, and the youngest, Mimi.


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Short Story written by: Naiaomi.

Once upon a time there was a girl living in a faraway village. She had to obey her mother now she was feeling better.

It turns out that two years ago, the girl did not have school; and her mother gave her permission to go out for a walk through the fields, but she first said:

chocolate house candy

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