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Short Story for Kids written by: Alex Perez

One day, in a small city where miniature cars were living, were two beautiful convertible cars hanging around everywhere. One was brilliant red and  the other one was brilliant grey. But, although they had an enviable bodywork, they had very bad intentions inside their motor, because they used to make fun of the snow car every time they saw him:


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Short Story written by: Franxeskitax (Chile)

Once upon a time there were a caterpillar and a rose, the rose was under the trunk of a leafy tree and used to make fun of the caterpillar everyday, calling her ugly. The caterpillar was more sad everyday. Every night, she asked to the moon to be as pretty as she is, but it looked like the moon did not listen to her.

The rose was making fun of her increasingly, and the other roses began to do it too. The rose felt protected under that leafy tree, which was making her more beautiful by covering her. But in reality it was hiding her real way of being, actually, the rose and the other roses were so empty inside that their only worry was what the caterpillar was doing.


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Short Story written by: Cecijorgesofi.

- “Who takes care of the garden vegetables the same or more than George, the farmer?”

Our dear scarecrow; he was very good. Sophie and her mom made it with her dad´s old clothes. They put him a brown hat which had a yellow feather, a violet shirt and black trousers, he looked lovely.

short stories scarecrow

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Short Story written by: María Morales.

Once upon a time, there was a beautiful flower with very attractive colors: brilliant red; orange and yellow.  The flower was very happy, because everybody said she was beautiful. One day began to rain during sunrise and did not stop until nightfall.

When the flower woke up the next day opened her petals and realized that they had lost their color. Now were white like the snow. What had happened? The flower was so sad, could not stop crying. Suddenly, a fairy wearing a dress with a long tail and colored like the rainbow, appeared:

Short stories - Fleur and the photosynthesis

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Short Story written by: Martha Bianchi (Argentina).

Anna is watching the rain…has her face against the glass of the window and is observing how the drops fall down the street making little puddles. People passes with their umbrellas in a hurry, the cars are driving carefully, not too fast.

Is almost midday, and continues raining, Anna has to go to school and thinks about how to go without getting wet. Has the school bag ready, loos for her smock looking at her mom and says: “Hurry up mom, I’m going to be late”


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Short Story written by: Juan Pablo Urcola (Buenos Aires – Argentina)

Thao and Theo were friends and neighbors, and, if this were not enough, they were also school mates, and they sat together in class. they were always together, playing together, eating sweets and chocolates together, went to ride their bikes together around the park and made some prank together.

One day, Thao went to look for Theo to his house; it was saturday, but nobody was there. Then, thao remembered that Theo had told him a few days before, that every saturday afternoon, he used to go with his uncle to the countryside to visit his grandparents, where they had always lived.


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Short Story for Kids written by: Sergio (Argentina)

I have a passion since I´m small. Cars! I collect them, I have small and big. When I go to main square my dad rents me a kart, and I am a real driver!, and I´m fast, of course. I drive on the pavement like if it was a real race kart. I train too much to be the best. Sometimes, if I see another boy driving a kart, I try to have a race.

My neighborhood organized a race at the main square for Children´s day. I knew it was my chance to be a Champion. I was so happy that I convinced my friend Maxi to come to the race with me. I knew it was a risk because he is one of the best also, but this way, if we won, we would both enjoy it, and it would not be so hard in case we lost.


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Short Stories written by: Gabriela Tamariz Gómez

Once upon a time there was a big cultivated field of pumpkins in a farm, which were getting ready for the big celebration of the day of all Saints.

All the pumpkins were perfect to paint, to eat, etc. They knew that was their destiny and were in agreement with it. Being the center of attention for a few days per year.


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Short Story written by: Flopy Olivera (10 years old)

Once upon a time there was a very curious kid called Shane. His neighbors were very strange, were never out of the house. That is why Shane went to look for his friends to find out what was going on in that house.

The door was open and they went inside stealthily, nobody saw them. Went to see the kids´room, got inside and saw stuffed animals with terrifying poses. They did not notice that the father of the family went into the room and said:

Short stories - The wolf and the ladder

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