New Short Story for Children written by: Daniel Sanchez.

John was a very nice and educated child with all children from school, and they also liked him.

One day, a new student came to his class, was called Mathew, he was a bit shy at the beginning, but made some friends as time passed.


John noticed later that Mathew was a very good student, so began to hang out with him at break time, in class, to do their homework, even during the exams.


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Short story for children written by: Daniela.

Once upon a time there were two girls. One was called Sophie and the other was called Lucy.

Sophie was so popular, but was a bit rude; and Lucy was a quiet girl, nobody respected her at school. Nobody wanted to be with her because they said that it was a weird girl. However, everybody followed Sophie, everybody wanted to be with her.

Short stories - Springtime and the flowers

One day, Lucy went out of class and came upon Sophie, who said:

- “You are kind of ugly”.


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Short Story for kids written by: Lile Parossa.

Once upon a time…

In a faraway school there was a toy house where Steve was living. He was a play dough boy, and had many friends; but one day, the kids made an exhibition of play dough monsters.

That house, which was lively and peaceful became so stressful. The monster ran from one place to another to scare them, stealing their little beds, the chocolates and sweets that the kids gave them, even left them hanging from the ceiling.


During mornings, the toys were happy when heard the kids´ laughs when were arriving. They were safe with them…well…almost safe, because they were quite naughty.

One night, Steve was playing marbles at the playground when saw Turbo passing with Tina, the doll, and did not have legs.

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Short Story for Children written by: Agustin (10 years old).

It was a quite monday in spring, a normal day, but for Arnold was a big day. It was the day of the important match, the match to decide which was the best team of the school year.

The players of his team were: Arnold, Anthony, Josh Dempsey, Josh Milles, John, Gareth and Mark. And the players of the other team were, Sean, Peter, Mike, Philip Richards, Philip Olsen, Anthony Scully, Jack Thompson and Charlie Malcolm.




Arnold´s team had various exams after break time. The tension between the captains was felt in the air. Arnold and James looked at each other with tension.


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Short Story for Kids written by: Rosa Maria Martin-Moreno.

Christian was living in a little town, he gathered up cartons every night. His family was very poor, they needed everything they could pick up to eat.

He was just going to school some days a month, he was learning very slowly, because could not go to school daily. He had not learnt too much, and barely had time to do his homework.



One day, when he was gathering up some cartons, heard a voice from the bottom of the trash can, saying:

- “Read me, read me”.


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Short Story written by: Martha Bianchi (Argentina).

Anna is watching the rain…has her face against the glass of the window and is observing how the drops fall down the street making little puddles. People passes with their umbrellas in a hurry, the cars are driving carefully, not too fast.

Is almost midday, and continues raining, Anna has to go to school and thinks about how to go without getting wet. Has the school bag ready, loos for her smock looking at her mom and says: “Hurry up mom, I’m going to be late”


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Short Story written by: Carlos Javier Tello.

Once upon a time, there was a donkey living in Tukuman, who was a bit annoyed because when somebody did not study or did not know the lesson, was named “donkey”.

He was very pissed off, always braying, because did not understand why the one who did not know something was a “donkey”. “Why don´t they say rabbit?their ears are bigger than mine!” – used to say the donkey.

Short stories - the intelligent donkey

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Short Story written by: Viviana Martinez (Colombia)

Hi mom, I am going to tell you something that happened to me today at the nursery school. Imagine for a minute that I was the new girl in school and everybody saw me different, strange, but im the middle of everything; Do you know what, mommy?, I met a skinny girl, with black and long hair as Rapunzel´s, and curly. Chocolate – coloured skin and a heart full of love and happiness; she hugged me with her soft arms.

Short stories - Springtime and the flowers

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