Short Story written by: Luis Muñoz

Lena, Margaret and Josh were three 6 year old kids. They were very good, but a bit naughty. Were very good friends in school and in life; always playing together.

One they, that they did not have school because it was saturday; they were playing with Lena´s dog, who was always with them and was called Lily, Margaret said to her friends:

Short stories - The little boy and the almonds

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Short Story written by: Miguel Angel Motta U.

Once upon a time, there was a farmer owner of a flock of hundred sheeps. They went out every day to graze to the leafy fields. One day, one of the sheeps disobeyed the master, and escaped.

Their owner used to advise them not to leave alone, because there was a wolf hanging around those fields and could hurt them.

Short stories - the little shepherd and his sheep

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Short Story written by: “The ecologist”

A dreamy girl was one day taking a walk with her parents when the sky became grey and was about to rain. The girl, who had a beautiful black curly hair looked the sky with her big brown eyes and saw the drops of the rain, were love drops from God.

The curious girl decided to investigate what were the drops exactly, analyzed the drops and discovered that actually were moral values drops, which would help her to be a better person.

short stories - glug and the water cycle

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Short Story written by: Elisabeth Durango  Hernandez

Hector was always eating junk food. He loved it and his mother allowed him to do it.

Used to eat five peaces of pizza only for breakfast with strawberry milkshake; nine hot dogs at lunch time with coke, and seven big burgers for dinner.


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Nora was a 3 year old girl who loved strawberry yogurt, and everyday after dinner ate one.

While her parents were watching tv, Nora used to open de fridge and look for the yogurt up on the tallest shelf of the fridge, she couldn´t see it because was still too small, but always ended up finding one touching the shelf with her hands.


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