Short Story for kids written by: Stas Holodnak.

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One cold winter day, Pushok went missing. Concerned, Miriam looked all over for him. “Pushok, Pushok”, she called. At last she heard a faint meowing coming from the tree next to her. She looked up and at the same time Pushok jumped into the safety of her hands. He had wounds all over his body. It turns out that as he was hunting he was ambushed by a dog that bit him. Pushok barely managed to save himself in the tree.

But staying home was not an option. Pushok had to hunt to bring in food. This time Miriam would always be by his side. She carried a heavy stick at all times and would not hesitate to use it.


Gradually life in the city was improving. The Russian Army had established a supply route to Leningrad that led through the frozen Ladoga Lake. The Germans bombed it relentlessly but they could not break the Road of Life which was the name Leningraders gave it.