Short Story for Kids written by: Carolina Mora Arévalo.

Karen went for a walk in a beautiful garden, full of tulips and butterflies. The little girl loved nature and always enjoyed the fresh wind blowing through her hair.

She ran from one side to the other, taking care not to damage the flowers in the beautiful garden.


Suddenly, behind a big bush, she found a swing made from tree branches. Karen Did not hesitate for a second and jumped onto the swing, and began swinging so the wind dishevelled her hair.


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Short Story for Kids written by: Carlos Cebrian González.

Click here to read: GENEROUS FATTY (FIRST PART) 

…Lolo reluctantly went to the seed shop and bought seeds. He explained the project to his parents during dinner and ate only a plate of soup and a piece of omelette with chips. His parents, Josh and Sarah were suprised to see their son so very different from lunch time. Was their son sick?”


On Saturday morning, Lolo went to his parents vegetable garden and took the tools that his dad, Josh, lent him. He made different holes to put the seeds in and gave his lunch to the birds flying around, giving them the crumbs from his bread and olive oil.


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New Short Story for Children written by: Rosa Maria Martin – Moreno Navarro.

Mathew was a kid living in a small town beside small mountains. He liked to watch the sky every night, searching for the moon to watch it and admire it.

Sometimes he looked at her so much that his eyes were hurting, and used to end up falling asleep on the edge of the window.


His mother worked in a bakery, and sometimes made a small white and rounded bread, with two eyes and a smiling mouth to give it to her son saying:

– “Here Mathew I brought you a little moon”.


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Willy the bear lived in a beautiful place in the middle of a mountain range full of green fields that nobody knew about.

He was very lucky, as this beautiful place was all for him, and he could eat everything he wanted, so actually he was a very big bear.


One day when he woke up found out something devastating. Some of the trees had died!

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Once upon a time there was a woodpecker called Peter who lived in a big jungle full of trees including coconut palms.

Peter really liked coconut palms because of their big leaves and of course, because of their fruit: The coconut.

coconut, bird

Peter discovered coconuts thanks to a monkey that had thrown a coconut down to the ground which had broken into two pieces.  Peter approached the coconut to see what was inside… Continue reading…


Every year in October, when autumn arrives Elmy gets very sad and stops smiling.

Elmy was a young perishable tree who loved having fun and joking with the other trees in the park where he lived. But every year when autumn arrived, Elmy’s leaves started to fall and he became sad.



One day one of his friends decided to throw him a surprise party to cheer him up. Soon, everything was ready for the party. Continue reading…


In Space where the stars shine exist planets, and some smaller spheres that rotate around those planets. These spheres are called satellites.

The protagonist of this story is a satellite that rotates around planet Earth, and is called “The Moon”.

moon, bird

The moon is a big sphere, that used to be very arrogant and vain. She thought that she was the only moon in the universe, and she always thought: “I am the best! The only one chosen by the universe to exist!”. Continue reading…


In faraway mountains there was a magic river that turned everything near him into life.

The Stones rolling down from the road above were transformed into a huge trees next to the river.The broken branches that fell into the river turned into beautiful fish.


Nearby the mountains there was a village where the citizens used cars to move from one place to another instead of walking. They didn’t realise what would happen if they used the car all the time. Continue reading…


In a faraway valley lived a family of owls. The parents were Julia and Josh and they had two children, Peter and Joshi.


Peter and Joshi got along very well. They were always playing, flying around the forest and hunting mice together.

One day Peter and Joshi went to hunt snakes with their parents Julia and Josh. When they were near the area where the snakes lived their father advised them: “Now you have to be really quiet and move stealthily”. Continue reading…