Short Story written by: Juan Pablo Urcola (Buenos Aires – Argentina)

Thao and Theo were friends and neighbors, and, if this were not enough, they were also school mates, and they sat together in class. they were always together, playing together, eating sweets and chocolates together, went to ride their bikes together around the park and made some prank together.

One day, Thao went to look for Theo to his house; it was saturday, but nobody was there. Then, thao remembered that Theo had told him a few days before, that every saturday afternoon, he used to go with his uncle to the countryside to visit his grandparents, where they had always lived.



Thao became sad thinking about that, for two obvious reasons; the first one was because Theo was not at home, so they could not go skating around their neighborhood; and the second one was because, unlike Theo, his grandparents were living very far away and it was too difficult to visit them. This encouraged Thao to write a letter to his grandparents with the help of his parents:

“Dear grandparents, Sissi and Lolo, I really miss you, and I would like to see you soon. Mom and dad send greetings and a big hug for the two of you. I have a friend called Theo . We always play and have fun together. I will take him with me when I visit you, so you can know him. I hope your are right, I love you. Take care, big kisses. Thao”.

The next day, Theo went to look for Thao to his house, but there was nobody at Thao´s house. Theo remembered then, that Thao had told him days before, that every sunday afternoon, he used to go with his mom around the city collecting old magazines and newspapers recycling to use them for craftwork, which Thao´s mom used to sell at her shop.

Now was Theo who was sad thinking about that, for two obvious reasons too: the first one, because Thao was not at home, and so he could not meet Theo´s grandparents who had come from the countryside. And the second one was that, unlike Thao, his mother was living very far away due to her job, and was very difficult to visit her. This encourage Theo to write an email with his computer with the help of his uncle:

“Hi mom, how are you?, I miss you a lot, that is why I’m writing you. My grandparents are at home with me, Uncle really cares about me and sends greetings for you. Today I could not go out to play because Thao is not at home, he helps his mom every sunday to collect old newspapers for her recycling studio. I would like to go out with you some day, In the meanwhile, take care. Big kiss, I love you, your son, Theo”.

The next day it was monday, Thao and Theo met each other on their way to school. During break time, Thao told Theo what he had done on saturday and Theo told his friend what he had done on sunday. They both realized that their experiences lived during the weekend made them get more close to their loved ones living far away. Because their incredible friendship; laughs, games, words, plans. The inseparable pair was united again.

Live friendship!


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