Help our Spanish friends, nominated for “best educational blog 2014″ in Spanish. They need our help!

Follow the instructions to vote them at “Bitacoras Adwards” (Premios Bitácoras) and contribute to make their project continue for many years, to publish new Short Stories teaching human values to children.


Why should you vote them?

  • They have been publishing Short Stories with Moral Values every day since 2010.
  • That is their dream, writing short stories for Kids.
  • They Publish free short Stories internationally.
  • Help them if we have ever helped you.

If they win…What will happen?

  • They will publish more stories every day, what means more stories in english every day.
  • They will teach more human values to children.
  • They will offer more educational resources for parents.


Voting Instruccions. Voting Closed.

It will take you less than a minute to vote! you don´t need to be registered, you can vote using your twitter or facebook account, Read below to see how:

PS: We are conscious that the site is in spanish and most of you wont understand it, but don´t worry, just follow our instructions and see that is easy for you too!

1. Click here: VOTE

You will see this site:

vote best blog step 1


Connect with facebook or twitter, as you prefer. This way, you don´t need to be registered.

2. Both accounts (facebook or twitter) will ask you for permission to use your account to vote, don´t worry, just click to accept, is safe and nothing will be published on your account.

Once you click “Aceptar” (accept) you will see the next:

step 3 vote best educational blog


3. Click on “VOTA AHORA” (vote now) which is in yellow color. (Inside the red circle at the picture), then, the next page will appear:

step 4 vote best educational blog


4. Ok, we are almost finished. At next page (example above) all the boxes will be empty. So, look for the tittle “Mejor Blog de Educación” (best educational blog) with a pencil as the mark, then paste in the first box below, the next link:


5. Once the link is written inside the box, go to the bottom of the page and click on the gray button saying “votar “ (vote).

step 5 vote best educational blog


– If you see the next image after clicking the button, means that your vote is valid and you have done it perfectly!

vote ok best educational blog


And that´s it ! Thank you so much for your support, and don´t forget that anything having to do with children education deserves our attention and support!