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Welcome to our website Short Stories, here you can find many original short stories for children that you won´t find in any other pages. The Short Stories published in our website are based on human values, trying to instill those values to children through the message of each short story.

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In Short Stories you have access to more than 600 different short stories.

Short stories are an important educational tool for parents and teachers, because through funny stories it´s possible to educate and show children different values like friendship, respect, tolerance, comprehension, and many other human values, which nowadays are, in part, forgotten or don´t get the appropriate attention.

Some illustrations of our short stories: Our readers and us have made different drawings for the short Stories. Here you have some of them.

These drawings are made by our team (non professional drawers) to make illustrated short stories that capture the attention of children and make them travel to a world of fantasy and adventures.

From childhood, short stories have been helpful for parents and teachers to transmit to the children the knowledge and experiences needed to handle situations in the future. Short Stories are a good educational tool for kids because promotes comprehension, helps them to read, helps them to improve their imagination, and therefore, their creativity.

What are Short Stories?

Short Stories are the best educational tool for children.

To educate children is difficult, considering that every child is different and also their own circumstances, dreams and their environment. But exists a universal way to educate kids leaving out the environment and characteristics of each child. This way is the use of short stories.


With short stories you can educate children, because it takes them into a fantasy world and they can identify themselves with the different characters of the story, and so it´s easier to teach them human values, through the moral of short stories.


Each short story should have its own message which teaches the children many human values, like kindness, empathy, honesty, friendship, etc. In this way, apart of entertain the kids, we are teaching them values that will be useful for their growing.

What are short stories for?

Utility of short stories

Short stories are not just made to educate, they are also useful for learning, or entertain children. With short stories it´s possible to dream, travel to another world, visit other kids, play, think, laugh…


Stories for kids are useful for whatever you want, you just need to know how to transmit the illusion, and children will enjoy as ever.

The next part of the texts explains how to tell a short story. Keep reading: “How to tell short stories?”

How to tell short Stories?

The art of storytelling

There are not much people with this talent, art of storytelling is a gift and the one who has the gift creates the magic at home.


This consists in connecting with children, and reaching their hearts with the stories. It´s magic and it´s not only a gift, you can learn how to do it, and improve it.


So, if anyone is worried about it, stop! You can tell stories as the best of the world just practicing and working on it.


Techniques of storytelling

It´s easy to learn how to tell a kid a short story, also, make the child connect with the story, and bring him to a world of fantasy and emotion.


The basic way to tell short stories to children is:


– Be relaxed and interpret the characters of the story.


In other words, to read the short story is not enough to stimulate the kids, they need something else, like an actor who changes his tone of voice, sings the songs of the story, and interacts with the children.


Other basic ways to narrate short stories can be:


–       Capture the child´s attention by asking anything related to the short story. For example: “Do you want the wolf to blow down the three little pigs´ house?” or “Do you think that the little red riding hood will take the shortcut that the furious wolf told her?”


–       Let the kid look a drawing of the short story while you are narrating it.


–       Read the short story before narrating, it will help you to make the right voice tone for each character of the story.

How to make a child fall asleep with Short Stories?

To make a child fall asleep it´s easy if we do it correctly…

You have to choose the perfect short story to make your child fall asleep. It never has to be a scary or violent short story.


If you are relaxed at the end of the short story, it would be easier for you to make your child sleep. Anyway, it always depends on the kid´s exhaustion, if they have had an exhaustive day, it would be more difficult for them to fall asleep.


Are short stories useful to make your kids fall asleep?


Short stories are not just helpful to make children fall asleep; short stories are the best educational tool for parents; they can make children sleep relaxed and learning at the same time.

Who can narrate short stories?

Anyone can read a short story to children, at the beginning it does not have to be perfect, but with the pass of time, and practicing, storytelling becomes easier.


Little by little you learn what get children excited about, or not, so you only need to practice to do it better.

What type of short stories do we have in our website?

Our website has a varied collection of short stories, but the most important characteristic is that our stories are funny and useful to never stop learning.

On the right, we have made a classification, is divided on the values, characters and environment of our short stories.

Values of the short stories


Our short stories are always made to teach human values: short stories of happiness, short stories of honesty, short stories of friendship, short stories of love, short stories of empathy, short stories of obedience, short stories of optimism, short stories of kindness, short stories of patience, short stories of tolerance, short stories of solidarity


Characters of the short stories


Our short stories have many types of characters: animals, dragons, princess, kings, witches, fairies


The environment of our short stories


Our short stories are based in different situations and environments, like Christmas, nature, terror….


–       We also have classic short stories, tongue-twister for kids, riddles for kids

Classic short stories for kids, some of the most unforgettable short stories

. The little red riding hood
. The three little pigs
. Puss in boots
. The Pied Piper of Hamelin
. Fearless John
. Peter and the wolf
. The ugly duckling
. Snow white and the seven Dwarfs
. King Midas

Take a look to our latest short stories published

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