New Short Story for Kids written by: Ana Isabel Martín.

Paul really likes playing in the fields. His parents have a little house in a small town near to a city, which they usually go to every weekend.

There, Paul could play near a small stream, where he could wet his feet.

Childrens stories - Flora the leaping frog

Paul likes hunting bugs. He likes to hunt for crickets, frogs, and fireflies. One day, he caught a frog and went to put it in a jar. When he was about to pick up the the frog, the frog looked at him and said:

-“I will become a Prince if you kiss me”


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New Short Story for boys and girls written by: Juan Pablo Urcola (Argentina).

Once upon a time, under a leafy tree situated in a beautiful garden, there was a little frog who had made a cave between the tree´s roots.

The frog Mimi used to croak every day until midday, when the sun illuminated her door.

Childrens stories - Flora the leaping frog

When this happened, Mimi went out of her cave through moss and the morning dew, hiding somewhere, looking for flies, mosquitos, worms and ants.

One morning, while she was tuning her throat to sing her serenade as always, a big storm began, and drop after drop, the rain was so strong.


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Short Story for Kids written by: Maria José Aparicio.

Adele was a small and lonely cloud. She had no friends and was not able of taking up water for some time, and of giving water either.

The other clouds did not want her being near, because she could not help them anymore, every time Adele tried to reach them the rest became so angry causing a big storm.

short stories - glug and the water cycle

Vince, the wind, did not want to move her from one place to another, because did not want to waste his strengths with such a scrawny cloud.

She was always at the same place without moving, what annoyed Julius the sun, besides that she was covering the bald mountains.


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New Short Story for Kids written by: Marllivy Arango.

Once upon a time inside the crystalline waters of a fish bowl, a red fish was living. Had big eyes and his name was Jasperlyn.

Jasperlyn was always observing a corn plan that was outside his fish bowl, but it was not a normal corn, it was beautiful and very shiny.


fish bowl short stories

Jasperlyn was so happy, In spite he was alone in the fish bowl he did not feel like that, because the corn plant was illuminating his fishbowl, and if he was sleeping, the corn stopped shining.


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Short Story written by: Martha Bianchi (Argentina).

Anna is watching the rain…has her face against the glass of the window and is observing how the drops fall down the street making little puddles. People passes with their umbrellas in a hurry, the cars are driving carefully, not too fast.

Is almost midday, and continues raining, Anna has to go to school and thinks about how to go without getting wet. Has the school bag ready, loos for her smock looking at her mom and says: “Hurry up mom, I’m going to be late”


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Short Story for Kids, written by: Yeilsy Carrero Moreno.

Once upon a time, there was a pretty princess called Renee. She lived in a beautiful castle in the middle of a forest. It was a beautiful forest, it had many trees, flowers, butterflies and a beautiful lake.

One nice day, the princess went out for a walk in the forest, but she was not alone, she took her lovely doll with her. It was a very cute doll, and very special because she could talk! The doll said:


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Short Story written by: Jose Mauricio Puentes Arias.

One day, all the animals in the forest decided to have a meeting, from the biggest to the smallest, because they wanted to solve a problem that they were worried about. They were tired of seeing humans throw their rubbish into the water, contaminating and so harming nature.

For this reason, lots of them, mostly their young, were dying. They hatched a plan to make humans suffer just as much as the animals were suffering.


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Short Story written by: Xabier Pita

It was Friday and I had to take my bath as usual. The water from the tap was running and the bath started to fill up. The soap bubbles  got bigger and the rubber duck rose higher until the bath water overflowed. I ran from from the corridor and jumped into the water and made a big splash that got the bathroom floor very wet.


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Short Story written by: Luis Muñoz.

This is the story of Phil, a good kid who is smart and obedient. But he was very sad because his dream was to have a dog to play with but he wasn´t allowed. He was seven years old and adored dogs as well as other animals and that´s why he was sad and unconsolable.

He had asked his parents for a dog a thousand times. He didn´t have brothers or sisters and so felt even more lonely. His parents had refused to buy him a dog because they didn’t like animals.

Short stories - Pluto the swimming dog

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