Short Story for Kids, written by: Yeilsy Carrero Moreno.

Once upon a time, there was a pretty princess called Renee. She lived in a beautiful castle in the middle of a forest. It was a beautiful forest, it had many trees, flowers, butterflies and a beautiful lake.

One nice day, the princess went out for a walk in the forest, but she was not alone, she took her lovely doll with her. It was a very cute doll, and very special because she could talk! The doll said:


I love you, let´s play, you are my cutest friend, I love you mommy”.

That day, the princess walked very happily with her little doll. They sat under the shadow of a tree in front of the lake, looking at the ducks playing. The little ducks were jumping in the water, swimming and splashing very happily.

Suddenly, the water splashed the little doll and soaked it and the doll could not talk any more. The princess became so sad that she started crying.The little ducks jumped quickly out of the water and asked:

– “Princess; what is wrong? Why are you crying? Do not cry, let´s play!” – And so they played hide and seek, running so much until they were very tired and very hungry.

The princess said: “Little ducks, I’ve brought some cakes, it’s time to eat!”

They all sat and ate cakes and relaxed. Suddenly, they heard a voice saying: “I love you, let´s play, you are my cutest friend, I love you mummy”

The ducks wondered: “Who is talking? Who said that?”

And the princess replied: “It’s my doll! She’s dry and can speak again!”

And the princess was very, very happy, and so were the ducks!

That day, the princess understood that sometimes, our problems are resolved if we forget about them for a while.


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