Short Story for boys and girls written by: Maria Antonia Llaneras.

Sarah and her grandmother Mimi were living in a big magic field in the heart of the cold valley surrounded by one hundred leafy trees, giant beeches, huge oaks, lofty pines and a bed of soft ferns that was home to many small, wild animals.

Her grandmother and grandchildren lived with their dog, Rufus, (who had long, cinnamon colored hair), in a deep cave in a hillside in the mountains. Natural caves were the best to combat the hard Russian winters.


There was a big opening at the entrance to the cave which was used as the kitchen and the living room had a chimney which included an oven.


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New Short Story for Kids written by: Camila.

Once upon a time…

There was a beautiful tiger girl who liked to walk around the jungle.

One day, as she was playing with her friend the owl, she moved further away and between one game and the next lost the trail of her way back home.

tiger short story

The frightened owl looked for her but could not find her. Meanwhile the little tiger girl ran and ran from one place to another trying to find her way back.


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Short Story for Kids written by: Ma. Fernanda PCH.

Once upon a time…

In a town situated at the top of a hill, someone told a story about a witch that caused darkness at the beginning of November.

A little girl called Anna hadn’t heard this story and always wondered why it was always dark during the first days of November.

Short stories - the forest fairy

One day, little Anna, anxious to know why, asked her mom about the darkness. Her mum told her the story with fear in her voice:

– “It is said in town that there is a witch in the forest that causes darkness”.


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New Short Story for Kids written by: Martina Alazia Sarricouet (9 years old).

Fleur was a very pretty hippopotamus. She lived in the jungle in a beautiful and huge house.

She was friends with almost everybody. I say “almost”, because there was somebody who she did not like: The Witch Evelyn.

short story hippopotamus

The Witch Evelyn was an evil sorcerer who did not like anyone and enjoyed breaking other everyone’s dreams except her own, which was to destroy the jungle so she could have it only for herself.

But Fleur did not care because she had a better dream and that was to go to the city and get to know the humans who lived there.


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New Short Story for Kids written by: Massiel.

Once upon a time…

There once was an animal kingdom governed by a big, wild lion who everybodyv was afraid of.

He used to punish every animal that got in his way. But one day, all the animals arranged a meeting without the lion and said:


-“We need to hatch a plan so that this lion will not punish us again!”

So, they made small weapons just to scare him, not to use them. Once everything was planned, they went to look for the lion.


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Short Story for Kids written by: Ilca Solima.

When the cock John; the lord of the yard and of the firs ray of sun, was still not awake, Julia was already running through the wet field due to the aromatic dew; without shoes and moving her dark and curly hair, greeting the wind...mmm…the wind, Julia loves it so much…and he loves her back caressing her every morning.

Arrived running to the wheat field and lied down on her back, contemplating a spider web under the sun.


Julia welcomed the king of the sky smiling; he took off his pyjamas cap and greeted her back with a little gold ray of light that you can only see before the cock crow. And the playful little dove kept it inside her pocket.


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Short Story for Children written by: Sergio de las Heras Alija.

Once upon a time there was a wild boar called Christian who was going to town every day to have lunch with his friends.

One day, there was a fire at the forest where he was living with his family, so, they had to go down to town to take refuge and protect themselves from the flames.

Short stories - The day of the tree

People in town took guns, shotguns, torches and pointed objects. They finished off all of them but a young wild boar called Christian. He hid in a vegetable garden during forteen years, eating from the garbage cans, scared of dying like his family.


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New Short Story for Children written by: Melisa Milagros Almada (14 years old).

There was a very clumsy squirrel to whom nobody loved because of that. She was actually very smart, but nobody loved her, she was very special, but nobody loved her.

One day, a man dressed in green clothes that had leaves all over his face, caught a mole. The mole´s glasses fell down the floor, he was called Sugar. He was not as smart as the squirrel, but he was not that clumsy, so everybody loved him.


Short stories - The squirrel and the forest fire


A woman dressed in brown, like a tree, caught the sqirrel, but nobody did anything.

– “Get me out of here!” – screamed the squirrel.


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Short Story for Kids written by: Isabel García Giner.

Once upon a time there was a girl called Elisa, she was living with her dad, her mom, her little brother and her dog Simba. Elisa loved going to the field to gather flowers, she loved to make necklaces with them, always going with her dog Simba.

One day that she went to the field as any other day, got away from the forest and got lost… Simba started barking, like telling that they were lost.


chocolate house candy


She was so scared, tried to find the way back home but could not find it. They saw a house in the distance, but when they approached it realized that it was not a normal house, it was a candy house.

Meanwhile, Elisa´s father was really worried of her not coming back home, and it was getting dark. They were afraid, especially her mother, who waited at home while her father went to the field to look for her with some people from town.


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Short Story for Kids written by: Renata H.

A day like any other day, Ricky woke up and went to have a bath before being one hour in front of the mirror as usually; to go to see his friends.

-“Hi guys! How are you?” – Said Lily happily.

Ricky thought to himself: “They are so badly dressed; Lily always wearing Lilac clothes! and…oh…that fatty Roky sloppy with his beige shirt, even if he thinks is white…”


– ” Are we going to the party tonight?” – asked Roky.

– “No way, Roky” – said Ricky.

– “Why not?” – asked Lily without knowing what was Ricky thinking about.

– “I don´t tolerare it any more, you are always badly dressed, cheap…”

– “But that is how we dress”.

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