New Short Story for Children written by: Melisa Milagros Almada (14 years old).

There was a very clumsy squirrel to whom nobody loved because of that. She was actually very smart, but nobody loved her, she was very special, but nobody loved her.

One day, a man dressed in green clothes that had leaves all over his face, caught a mole. The mole´s glasses fell down the floor, he was called Sugar. He was not as smart as the squirrel, but he was not that clumsy, so everybody loved him.


Short stories - The squirrel and the forest fire


A woman dressed in brown, like a tree, caught the sqirrel, but nobody did anything.

– “Get me out of here!” – screamed the squirrel.



But the animals went away, nobody loved her. The poor squirrel was crying, until had an idea.

While the woman was talking on the phone with her boyfriend:

– “I love you so much”.

The squirrel opened the cage with her long nails, and then took all the keys and opened all the cages.

– “Thanks, thanks!” – were the animals saying.

-“You are welcome” – Said the squirrel.

The animals escaped happily.

– “My name is not clumsy, as you all said, my name is Towny”.


And that is the end of the story…


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