Short Story for boys and girls written by: Maria Antonia Llaneras.

Sarah and her grandmother Mimi were living in a big magic field in the heart of the cold valley surrounded by one hundred leafy trees, giant beeches, huge oaks, lofty pines and a bed of soft ferns that was home to many small, wild animals.

Her grandmother and grandchildren lived with their dog, Rufus, (who had long, cinnamon colored hair), in a deep cave in a hillside in the mountains. Natural caves were the best to combat the hard Russian winters.


There was a big opening at the entrance to the cave which was used as the kitchen and the living room had a chimney which included an oven.


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Short Story for Kids written by: Vanessa Weber.


One day, before finishing the school year, a Count came to the school to announce that there was going to be a ball in the palace, in honour of the new graduates and that they must attend without exception.


The Girls in school went crazy. They started to call the best dressmakers to make the dresses of wealthy students before the ball. They wanted to be radiant because they all knew that the Count had a handsome son and that no girl in town had ever conquered him, so now was their chance.


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Short Story for kids written by: Miguel Angel Motta.

Once upon a time…

There was a boy called John who really loved going to the beach. One day he went with all his family to spend the day on a beach nearby.

He enjoyed playing on the sand and in the water so much  and was very happy to be there that day.

storm child rain short story

He was so happy that he could not stop smiling, rolling around in the sand and splashing around in the water, jumping and laughing without pause.


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New short Story for Kids written by: Agustina Vallejos Duprat.

Once upon a time, there was a princess called Poppy, who lived on an unknown island. The island people were very poor.

Poppy lived in a castle, enjoying her riches and her toys while the others suffered poverty.


One day, an old man went to ask her for food. She replied annoyed:

– “Do you think I have food to spare? Go and look for your own.”


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New Short Story written by: Juanita Andrea Sánchez Vargas.

Once upon a time, there was a family and the daughter was called Julie. That girl was so naughty, and her mother did not want her being like that and was so sad.

Julie had a boyfriend called Luigi, who was always getting her on the right track, advising her not to be like that with her mom, to be a polite girl.


Julie told his boyfriend that her mom wanted her to marry a rich boy, but she loved him though, she did not care if he was poor, but she cared if he was respectful and kind.


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New Short Story for Kids written by: Luana Ferreyra.

Once upon a time, inside an old cafe situated in the streets of Paris, there was a beautiful woman. She was siting alone having a coffee, when suddenly a man came in and asked her if he could accompany her.


They had a nice coffee talking and laughing together, both left the place feeling in love. The man dedicated a poem to her, saying the next:

“You are my dream, you are my hope, you are a rose inside my heart”


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New Short Story for kids written by: Silvia Hernandez Suastegui.

There was a beautiful place with sun, sea, sand, palms, called Barra vieja (Mexico). Where beautiful creatures with black eyes, gold skin, smelling nice like cinnamon and with blond hair, lived.

Their naked feet run and jump. Yes, they are the happy children from Barra Vieja.

short stories happy kids

Their favorite toys are a ball made of dry coconut and the traveller snakes made of twigs that protect them from the witch Yumba.

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New Short Story for Kids written by: Carolina Mora Arévalo.

Once upon a time…

There was a lively and playful little girl called Naomi, her parents and her brother loved her so much, she was a blessing in the house, filling the house with happiness and laughs.

One day, when she finished school, the teacher called her mom to warn her that had noticed that something was not going well with the little girl. The parents rushed her to visit the doctor, who confirmed that she had a serious illness.

story kid hospital sick

But the little did not give up, and decided to fight against the illness, she was actually very fragile, was only three years old, but motivated her parents and her brother to don´t give up due to her bravery and her battle.


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Short Story written by: Ana Clara de la Barrera.

Josh was a lonely man who used to spend most part of the day sleeping. His shadow, used to make the most of it during the night, and when Josh was sleeping deeply, the shadow used to go out and have fun.

One night, he was not able to sleep and saw his shadow going out through the window. He waited angry for her, until she came back home.

shadow  tales children When the shadow saw Josh, tried to run to the door, but Josh shut her up inside a glass jar.

Josh was sleeping while his shadow was suffering inside the jar.


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Short Story written by: Juan Pablo Urcola (Buenos Aires – Argentina)

Thao and Theo were friends and neighbors, and, if this were not enough, they were also school mates, and they sat together in class. they were always together, playing together, eating sweets and chocolates together, went to ride their bikes together around the park and made some prank together.

One day, Thao went to look for Theo to his house; it was saturday, but nobody was there. Then, thao remembered that Theo had told him a few days before, that every saturday afternoon, he used to go with his uncle to the countryside to visit his grandparents, where they had always lived.


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