New short Story for Kids written by: Agustina Vallejos Duprat.

Once upon a time, there was a princess called Poppy, who lived on an unknown island. The island people were very poor.

Poppy lived in a castle, enjoying her riches and her toys while the others suffered poverty.


One day, an old man went to ask her for food. She replied annoyed:

– “Do you think I have food to spare? Go and look for your own.”



Poppy closed the door really angrily.

She went to bed and look at her feet. She realised that they were swelling up and turning red like a tomato.

The next day the old man visited Poppy again but she chased him out and her feet swelled up even more.

One day a witch came to visit her and said:

– “Your feet are swelling for one reason and that is because you don’t share anything with the others, don´t be ambitious“.

From that day the princess started thinking. She thought and thought about what she had been doing and knew it was bad. As she really did not want to tease anyone, she changed and began to help poor people.

Soon the island was not poor anymore and everybody was happier. They all sang and danced and ate good food and they thanked the princess for her good behaviour.

And that is the end o the story…

Moral of the story: Always be kind.


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