Short Story for boys and girls written by: Camila

Once upon a time…

There were a couple of dogs that had a little puppy called Aurora. She was very cute, playful and lovely. She loved sharing everything with her friends.

One day, Aurora told her parents she was going out to look for food. Another dog, bad and grumpy, was waiting for her outside. She was called Tita, and was in front of her house.


When Aurora arrived back home with the food, Tita ordered Aurora to give her the food. Aurora said no and went running inside her home. Finally, the owner came to shoo Tita away, but Tita was still angry.



Three years later…

Aurora went out with a friend and met a dog called Harry. He was a very cute, strong and handsome dog. Aurora greeted him, Harry greeted her back, then they started talking.

It was 8:30 in the evening and Aurora had to go back home. Harry asked to go with her and she accepted. When they arrived, her parents looked at Harry and Aurora introduced him to them.

Meanwhile Tita was planning to kidnap Aurora and got into the house, but when she tried to kidnap her Harry defended her. Aurora was very happy and thankful to Harry.

When harry went back home and Aurora went to sleep, Tita got into the house again and this time did kidnap her.

The next day Harry went to Aurora´s house and noticed her parents were anxious and angry. When Harry asked them what was going on, Aurora’s mother told him that Aurora had disappeared and Harry remembered what had happened the night before, suspecting that it was Tita again.

Nineteen days went by without any sign of Aurora. Harry spent day and night looking for her everywhere. Then, one day, Harry saw Tita and asked her:

– “Where is Aurora!!”

Tita laughed, and Harry shouted at her:

– “Don´t laugh!! Tell me where she is!!”

Tita confessed that Aurora was locked inside a house. Harry found her and saved her and then he took her back home to her parents.

Her parents were very happy to see their daughter and Aurora was happier than ever.

And that is the end of the story…

Values of the Short Story: Friendship and gratitude are the way to a happy ending.


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