New Short Story written by: Anonymous.

A sixteen months kid´s ability is causing a stir in Europe. The Manchester United from England, wanted to sign him up.

The kid is called Matjaz Kranec and is from the Slovenian city called Maribor.


The world is new for Matjaz, like for any other new kid. He has been reared with football since small, he could hold and throw balls with his hands with only six months old.


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Short Story for Children written by: Agustin (10 years old).

It was a quite monday in spring, a normal day, but for Arnold was a big day. It was the day of the important match, the match to decide which was the best team of the school year.

The players of his team were: Arnold, Anthony, Josh Dempsey, Josh Milles, John, Gareth and Mark. And the players of the other team were, Sean, Peter, Mike, Philip Richards, Philip Olsen, Anthony Scully, Jack Thompson and Charlie Malcolm.




Arnold´s team had various exams after break time. The tension between the captains was felt in the air. Arnold and James looked at each other with tension.


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Short Story written by: Ramiro García

Martin decided to play in Brazil for at least two more years to relax with his girlfriend and not think about moving away. Days later, he went to visit Argentina, to visit the places his friends had recommended him. He went for a week because he had a friendly game against England coming up and he wanted to be in good condition to do his best and have a chance of being spotted, which is what he had wanted from the beginning.

When he arrived in England, he went to train and then to workout in the gym to be in good condition for the match. Martin started the game and was very happy to step out onto his own country’s pitch.

sports stories football kids

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Short Story written by: Ramiro García.

Once upon a time, there was a boy called Martin living in England, and his dream was to play for a professional football team in his country. He actually played for his neighbourhood team, and worked hard to improve every day so that he could one day reach his dream.

One day, he received an email from Brazil saying that they had seen him playing and wanted him in their team. Martin thought about it for a while and finally accepted.


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Once upon a time there was a girl called Iris who really liked playing football with the boys in her class. She had always been an special girl that had never liked to do the things other girls do.

The boys in her class liked Iris to play with them because she was a better football player than many other boys at the school, so they all respected her.


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Short Story written by: an 8 year old boy

Once Upon a time there was a football team that used to win every match because they were very good players.

They were about to play in the football World Cup final, but they weren´t nervous because they were better than the rival team, or at least that´s what they thought.




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James was a peculiar boy who lived near a main square in London, he was 7 years old and what he most hated in the world was his sports class at school.

James didn´t like to practice sports at all  and when he had sports class he would tell his mother he was sick, but his mother knew him very well.


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