Once upon a time there was a girl called Iris who really liked playing football with the boys in her class. She had always been an special girl that had never liked to do the things other girls do.

The boys in her class liked Iris to play with them because she was a better football player than many other boys at the school, so they all respected her.


One day, Iris´ girl friends began to ignore her just because she liked football. Iris felt very sad, as she couldn’t understand why.

One morning on her way to school, Iris saw her friend Caroline and decided to talk to her:

– “Hi Caroline, I want to ask you something.”

-“what?”- said Caroline.

-“Why don´t you want me as your friend? Is it because I like to play football with the boys?” – asked Iris.

-“Yes, because you look like a boy, playing football or riding a bike with the boys.”

That stupid reason affected Iris, who answered: ” I don´t think that´s a reason to not be friends, I play with the boys because you don´t like playing sport and I do. But I also like to play with you and that should not be an inconvenience“.

Days passed and one morning Iris was playing football with two boys when Caroline and the other girls called over to her.

“Iris, we have been thinking about what you said and you’re right. If you like to play football it doesn´t mean you are a boy, and if you like to be with us, well then we like it too. Our friendship is what matters here, so, we are sorry, and we won´t ignore you again“.

That´s how Iris´ friends learnt to respect people and also learnt that there are not sports for girls or boys, there are just sports for those who like to play them.




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