Short Story for Kids written by: Vanesa Weber.

Not too far away, where the mountains caress the sun during the day and the moon and the stars at night, there was a little wooden hut where a shepherd and his wife lived.

After many years without having any children they finally gave birth to a girl called Emma.

Short stories - The little village sheep

Emma was a pretty girl with black hair, white skin and beautiful pink cheeks, she was sweet as honey.



As Emma grew, one of her favorite activities was to go out to look after the sheep with her father, sharing jam rolls with him and contemplating the amazingly warm tones of the sky at dusk.

At night, she liked to help her mom bake rolls on the clay stove that they also used as a heater. They spent the nights in front of the fire staring at the rolls and telling stories about their day.

Years passed and Emma´s parents decided it was time to send her to the school in the village. When Emma went to school for the first time it was not easy for her at all because the girls in her class did not like to study with a peasant from the mountains.

They were all the daughters of rich businessmen in the village and Emma was a shepherd´s daughter. They mocked her for not wearing the best dresses and the best shoes, but they actually envied her because Emma was a very pretty girl and none of her classmates had such beauty.

Emma was conscious of her father´s effort to pay for her to go to class, so even though she was sad, every morning she opened her blue eyes and help her mum before going to school, Emma was actually a very good student.

That is how her time passed, Emma became increasingly beautiful and the hatred from her classmates increased. They whispered that she would never be like them, and that her future was in the mountains working as a shepherd. That didn´t offend Emma because she really liked looking after the flock just like her father, and to contemplate the beauty of nature really made her happy.

One day, before finishing the school year, a Count came to the school to announce that there was going to be a ball in the palace, in honour of the new graduates and that they must attend without exception.




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