Short Story for Kids written by: Vanessa Weber.


One day, before finishing the school year, a Count came to the school to announce that there was going to be a ball in the palace, in honour of the new graduates and that they must attend without exception.


The Girls in school went crazy. They started to call the best dressmakers to make the dresses of wealthy students before the ball. They wanted to be radiant because they all knew that the Count had a handsome son and that no girl in town had ever conquered him, so now was their chance.



The only thing that was talked about at school was the ball but Emma ignored it, she was only interested in finishing her studies the best way possible.

But Emma´s parents heard about the event and decided that as a reward for all her achievements Emma had to attend. So they organized a big surprise. Her mum sold as many rolls as she could and then bought the best cloth so as to make her a dress for the ball.

The day of the ball, Emma´s mum showed her the dress she had made with love for her. That was the moment when Emma´s beautiful eyes shined like the stars that the mountain could caress reaching up to the moon.

Emma jumped for joy, held her dress in her arms and danced with it all over the meadow. But Emma did not expected the strong wind to snatch the dress from her hands and carry it off and over the cliff where was impossible to climb down and get it.

Emma cried so hard. She felt she had betrayed her mother. Soon she fell asleep on the meadow. She had so many tears such that the afternoon sun reflected on those tears to form a most beautiful rainbow around her.

The light of that rainbow woke Emma up and what a surprise when she saw colourful little pieces falling from the rainbow all over her body making the most beautiful dress, creating a real work of art.

She shined so much that her parents went out to check what was going on, and found out that Emma was wearing the most amazing dress that anybody could ever imagine, and with her beautiful black hair and her pink cheeks she shined like goodness itself from the most beautiful fairy tale.

Her tears turned into sapphires, and her incredible blue shoes contrasted perfectly with her intense blue look.

Emma´s parents were shocked to see such beauty. Emma ran and ran through the meadow until she arrived at the Count´s house. All the guests and Emma´s classmates were perplexed to see Emma with pieces of rainbow clothing and her sapphire shoes lighting up the whole ballroom.

It was that day when Emma´s classmates learned not to judge people by the appearances, as pieces of rainbow clothing can rain over you when you least expect it.

The son of the Count fell in love with her and realised she was the woman of his life.

Even today, in that not too far away place, where the mountains caress the sun, the moon and the stars. Emma goes with her husband, the Count´s son, to visit her parents, to look after the sheep and to bake rolls. And to contemplate the moon, the stars and the warm tones that every dusk transform the sky into a painting.



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