Short Story for boys and girls written by: Chris Morales.

There was a girl called Anna, who was studying in Esmarth Vil, a primary school in the United States.

She was the most hardworking girl at her school, her marks were higher than the others. She was the best, but nobody wanted to be her friend. They didn´t want to play with her and teased her.

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One day, the teacher set an exam and a boy called Robert signed his exam using Ana´s name. So, when the teacher returned all the exams, everybody was shocked. Anna found out she had failed the exam, and the other kids were happy of this.



The next day, when Anna arrived at school all the kids wanted to be with her and invited her to play with them. Suddenly, when Anna was playing with the other children,the teacher appeared to inform her that there had been a mistake, and she hadn´t failed.

The teacher explained them what had happened and afterwould, they all stopped playing with Anna.

One day, the First Lady of the United States went to visit the school. She wanted to visit every child in every schools. During her visit, the First Lady saw that Anna was crying and so she said:

– “What is your name?”

The girl answered: “Anna”

And the First Lady asked her why was she crying, Anna explained what had happened. She told her how the other kids didn’t like her just because she was the most hardworking at the school and she always got good results.

Then, the First Lady took the school microphone and told stories about her childhood that were similar to Anna´s.

After her speech all the children realized that they had been rude to Anna, and felt sorry. They should have been happy to have a friend that got such good marks and made such a big effort at school.

Then they followed Anna’s example and their marks began to improve and they always played together without ignoring her or anyone else.

From then on they were very happy and learned the lesson of respecting others.

And that is the end of the story…

Values of the story: Respect, friendship.



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