Short Story for boys and girls written by: Victoria Tovar Chavez.

Once upon a time…

…there was a girl called Vicky, who had studying first grade in elementary school, but she was not happy at her school.

As her parents wanted to please her they sent her to start her second grade in a different elementary school.

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She was very happy and wanted to make new friends and hung around her new school asking everybody: “Do you want to be my friend?”



But she made a mistake. She wanted to be so popular that she joined a group of popular girls at school, but not in the right way.

They had a leader called Jenny who was nice at the beginning, and became Vicky´s best friend. But Vicky didn´t realize that by joining up with her she was going to suffer so much damage.

Vicky started to change as soon as she met Jenny. Her personality was not as sweet as before, she became more arrogant and didn´t want Vicky to have many friends. Jenny was also a terrible gossip.

Time passed and the insults and gossip got worse until the time came when Vicky’s marks began to go down. Things got even worse. She barely had any friends and she started not to care about her friends, and talked to them in a rude way instead of being nice.

Then after all that suffering, the day arrived when they told her that Jenny was not going to be in her school next year as she was moving. Vicky was happier but didn´t believe it.

But on the last day at school Jenny told Vicky that she was leaving. Instead of having a happy parting, Jenny told her that she only liked her because of her money and that she never felt that she was her true friend.

Vicky was very upset and started crying.

When the summer holidays finished, Vicky went back to school convinced that all the bad times she had suffered last year with Jenny were over but she got very upset when she found out that her classmates hadn´t forgotten and still resented Vicky.

Vicky didn´t understand this but then a new light arrived in the name of Ivonne. She supported Vicky, even when the others told her not to join her because she was not the same any more and was a bad person. Ivonne didn´t care and kept being her friend, as she thought she needed another chance.

A year passed and they were in their fifth year. It was the last year for Vicky at that school because she was moving away, so that year she decided to get the best marks possible and change everybody’s mind so thaqt they would think she was a good person and be her friends again.

Her class mates understood it had not been her fault but that it had been because Jenny was bad to her.

She told them that it was not worth making an effort to disappoint people and that they had to move on with the help of their loved ones.

Vicky moved away, but was so happy knowing that she had finally got what she had tried to get over four long years. She became everybody’s friend and finally cried with joy, knowing that it does not matter what the others say, but that you must never give up, but be yourself.

And that is the end of the story.

Values of the Short Story for Kids: Friendship, forgiveness, solidarity.


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