New Short Story for kids written by: Silvia Hernandez Suastegui.

There was a beautiful place with sun, sea, sand, palms, called Barra vieja (Mexico). Where beautiful creatures with black eyes, gold skin, smelling nice like cinnamon and with blond hair, lived.

Their naked feet run and jump. Yes, they are the happy children from Barra Vieja.

short stories happy kids

Their favorite toys are a ball made of dry coconut and the traveller snakes made of twigs that protect them from the witch Yumba.

They also play with the moon and the stars to whom they consider their best friends. That is how the happy kids from Barra Vieja have fun.

Their conversations would surprise any orator. but the most sublime and tender is the love and respect the have to each other, without caring about age or gender.

They all meet up, talk, play. That is how kids from Barra vieja love each other.

And that is the end of the story…

Happy kids from barra vieja, I carry them in my heart.

Moral of the short story: The most beautiful soul is a child´s soul.

values of the short story: Happiness, Friendship, Love, understanding, and humility.


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