New Short Story written by: Juanita Andrea Sánchez Vargas.

Once upon a time, there was a family and the daughter was called Julie. That girl was so naughty, and her mother did not want her being like that and was so sad.

Julie had a boyfriend called Luigi, who was always getting her on the right track, advising her not to be like that with her mom, to be a polite girl.


Julie told his boyfriend that her mom wanted her to marry a rich boy, but she loved him though, she did not care if he was poor, but she cared if he was respectful and kind.



Her angry mother tried to separate her from Luigi, so the whole family moved to other place: Canada.

Time passed, Juliet turned 29, and asked to see Luigi again as a present, as she did all her birthdays.

The next day, she met a rich boy called Edward, who asked for her hand in marriage. She accepted because her mom made her do it.

The day of the wedding arrived, the priest asked for somebody opposing the marriage when Luigi appeared saying he did. Julie asked:

“Who are you?”

“I am Luigi, don´t you remember me?” – answered.

She said yes, but he had changed so much. Luigi asked for her hand in marriage, she accepted and they finally got married. They moved to Europe, had two kids, a girl and a boy called, Juliet and John.

….And lived happily ever after….


Moral of the Short Story: Don´t be naughty with your mom. Be a good person, we have to obey your parents.

Values of the short story: Love, friendship.


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