New Short Story for Kids written by: Luana Ferreyra.

Once upon a time, inside an old cafe situated in the streets of Paris, there was a beautiful woman. She was siting alone having a coffee, when suddenly a man came in and asked her if he could accompany her.


They had a nice coffee talking and laughing together, both left the place feeling in love. The man dedicated a poem to her, saying the next:

“You are my dream, you are my hope, you are a rose inside my heart”



After some time, the man asked her hand in marriage, and the woman said yes happily. Got married two weeks later, and after nine months had two beautiful kids, the boy was called Mark and the girl was called Elisabeth.

Eighteen years later, their son fell in love with a beautiful girl called Alice. Mark did not know how to demonstrate his love to her, so asked his father for advice.

His father told him that had to demonstrate his love always, doing things like, per example, writing poems: Mark liked the idea and wrote for her:

“Alice, Alice, you are beautiful like a rose, blooming and perfumed like a rose”.

The girl loved it, the Marc asked her to be his girlfriend. The girl was really happy because she was also in love with him, so, said yes.

After some time, Elisabeth fell in love with a boy from school. This boy told her that he loved her so much, but did it in a special way, with a mural. Elisabeth said yes to be his girlfriend. The boy was so happy that kissed her. Her parents allowed them being a couple.

And they lived happily ever after.


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