New Short Story for Kids written by: Carolina Mora Arévalo.

Once upon a time…

There was a lively and playful little girl called Naomi, her parents and her brother loved her so much, she was a blessing in the house, filling the house with happiness and laughs.

One day, when she finished school, the teacher called her mom to warn her that had noticed that something was not going well with the little girl. The parents rushed her to visit the doctor, who confirmed that she had a serious illness.

story kid hospital sick

But the little did not give up, and decided to fight against the illness, she was actually very fragile, was only three years old, but motivated her parents and her brother to don´t give up due to her bravery and her battle.



She had to get many medical treatments and studies, nevertheless her strength and determination helped the family to not shatter. Nomi not only overcame her fair to injections, she finally overcame the disease.

She is today stronger than ever, nothing can destroy her; and the most important, she has never lost her joy. She is a warrior, fragile as crystal, and and example of life to everybody.

She taught us that there is nothing we cannot overcome; and each child of the world should be a “crystal warrior” as she is.



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