Short Story for Kids written by: Ma. Fernanda PCH.

Once upon a time…

In a town situated at the top of a hill, someone told a story about a witch that caused darkness at the beginning of November.

A little girl called Anna hadn’t heard this story and always wondered why it was always dark during the first days of November.

Short stories - the forest fairy

One day, little Anna, anxious to know why, asked her mom about the darkness. Her mum told her the story with fear in her voice:

– “It is said in town that there is a witch in the forest that causes darkness”.



After this intriguing conversation, Anna was astonished and wondered if she could cause darkness. One day, gathering up all her courage she entered the forest. She walked and walked and still could not see an end to the forest. She collapsed exhausted, found shelter between the trees and fell asleep.

Next morning, she woke up on a confortable bed, wondering how she had got there, because she had fallen asleep in the forest.

Anna opened the bedroom door and heard someone making a noise. She went down stairs and a very nice woman said:

– “Good morning! did you have a good night? I found you yesterday all alone. Did you get lost?”

Anna replied: “No, I was looking for a witch that causes darkness at the end of the forest”.

The lady said: “I cause darkness and I am living at the end of the forest, but I´m not a witch”.

Little Anna said shocked: “You are not a witch! Can you teach me how to cause darkness?”

– “Of course I can” – said the woman.

The girl said enthusiastically: “Why do you always cause darkness at the beginning of November?”

– “Because there is a very special flower on that date, only on that date, and it is because of that”.

The woman spent the whole day teaching Anna to cause darkness.

– “Oh, no! it’s too late!!”

Meanwhile in town, her parents were desperately looking for her and came to the conclusion that the witch had taken their daughter. So all the mums protected their kids.

All the parents prepared to enter the forest to catch the witch of darkness, at the same time as Anna was saying goodbye to the old woman, making a promise to visit her again the next day and keep on learning.

Running between the trees she arrived to the town, climbed on a high wall and said:

– “Can I have your attention, please? I have to tell you that the witch doesn´t exist. Living in the forest is a very good woman. I went searching for a bad witch, and I met a nice woman instead, who taught me how to cause darkness”.

Everybody looked at each other and wondered whether Anna was telling the truth. They had to verify it and so, the next day as Anna wwas leaving to look for the nice woman everybody asked her many questions. She answered honestly and they all believed her.

So, from that day on, nobody thinks there is a witch, and many people visit the old woman and are delighted by her intelligence and wisdom.



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