New Short Story for Kids written by: Martina Alazia Sarricouet (9 years old).

Fleur was a very pretty hippopotamus. She lived in the jungle in a beautiful and huge house.

She was friends with almost everybody. I say “almost”, because there was somebody who she did not like: The Witch Evelyn.

short story hippopotamus

The Witch Evelyn was an evil sorcerer who did not like anyone and enjoyed breaking other everyone’s dreams except her own, which was to destroy the jungle so she could have it only for herself.

But Fleur did not care because she had a better dream and that was to go to the city and get to know the humans who lived there.



One day out walking, Fleur found a secret tunnel. Her first though was.

– “Does this tunnel really go to the city?”

She went inside without thinking about it. It was very colourful and she saw lots of dots, lines and ribbons.

Fleur walked and walked through that fantastic tunnel until she arrived in the city. The humans looked at her and thought she was a huge bald monster. Finally they said:

– “What is your name? Go away, you monster!”

Fleur walked away sadly. She walked and walked until she came to the Zoo where she met another hippopotamus.

He was called Martin who explained to her, wisely, that humans sometimes show their fears in an incomprehensible way.

Fleur and Martin fell in love and lived happily ever after.


Values of the Short Story: Understanding, acceptance, perseverance.


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