Short Story written by: Jahimar

It was Sunday morning and Peter decided to go to the forest to cut down some trees for firewood. He wanted to find the perfect tree for his family fire and walked through the forest searching for it.

Suddenly Peter saw the most beautiful tree and perfect for firewood. It was big and leafy and had enough wood in it for the whole week or more.

When he was about to cut down the tree, something began to move. It was the tree shaking his branches. He started to cut it again, raising his axe and the tree moved again.

Short stories - The day of the tree

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Short Story written by: Esperanza

Helen lived in a cute little house in the forest with her brother Sam and her parents.

Her father, John, really loved the forest. He took care of it, fed the animals, planted trees and cleared up. He really enjoyed his job, taking care of nature and the environment, keeping the forest clean and beautiful.

Short stories - The wicked fairy kidnapper


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How was Sami going ever to believe that his anger and fury would one day disappear? This is the story of how Sami, the evil monster from Big Forest, became a good monster.

Everything began when Samy was on his way to town ready to carry out his plan of scaring all the children there. The town, called Vill, was situated on a high hill in the forest, on the other side of the river.

Short stories - the loch ness monster

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Short Story written by: Liliana Velàsquez

Matthew and Nicholas loved to go to the mountains for holidays. Their parents had a big house in a little village in the middle of the fields, surrounded by green meadows.

They were always playing with their ball in the fields near the house.

One of their neighbours was an old woman who took great care over her flowers and the kids parents had advised them not to play near her garden.


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Short Story written by: Pablo Sacristán

Greek philosopher was walking through the forest when he saw two gigantic women in the middle of the road.

The women were enormous, their height wasn’t normal and the shocked philosopher hid behind a tree.

The philosopher stood behind the tree thinking how to get out of there when two Princes from the kingdom appeared. One of them was bleeding from his ear:


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Short Story written by: Miranda Guzman

In a faraway forest lived a wolf who had no friends even though he was very nice and inoffensive.

He went for a walk one day, in search of friends, and speaking to all the animals that were around. The first animal he saw was a racoon:

– ” Let´s be friends” – said the wolf, but the racoon ran away confusing the poor wolf.

Short stories - The wolf and the ladder

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Short Story written by: Paloma

There was a little girl who lived with her father but unfortunately they were poor.

The girl´s dream was to have a big colourful castle and a pony.

One day she went into the woods to gather wild berries. The little girl was so distracted tasting the fruit and choosing the good ones that she didn´t realise how far she was moving away from her father’s house until it was getting late and she was lost.

Childrens stories - The little boy and the forest

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Short Story written by: Martha

There was an abandoned house in the middle of the forest. It was small and cute, and seemed to be very old.

One day an old goblin was wandering around when he saw the house and decided to renovate it transforming the old house into a new and beautiful one.


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