Short Story written by: Esperanza

Helen lived in a cute little house in the forest with her brother Sam and her parents.

Her father, John, really loved the forest. He took care of it, fed the animals, planted trees and cleared up. He really enjoyed his job, taking care of nature and the environment, keeping the forest clean and beautiful.

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But Sam and Helen weren´t so happy. They liked nature and animals but now they wanted to live in the city with their friends, where there are lots of shops and cinemas and theatres and all the other things a city has.

One day Helen was sleeping so soundly that she had a dream that seemed real. A fairy came to her and said: “Im your fairy godmother and I´m here to grant you a wish”.

Helen was so excited. She could imagine herself living in the city with her friends, going to the circus, buying sweets and playing in the park. The fairy godmother said:

“I can grant you your wish, but please think about it. I don´t want you to repent when you realise that in the city you won´t enjoy the forest, the fresh air, the plants and flowers…and of course, you won´t play with the animals any more.

Helen understood what the fairy was trying to teach her: That it’s important to value what we have. Anyway, the fairy godmother granted her wish but only for three hours, so Helen could enjoy being the city and then go back home happy.

Helen enjoyed being in the city during that time and went to the theatre, bought lots of sweets and played with other kids, and after three hours she wanted to go back home to see her animal friends and family.

“Thanks for all you have done, fairy godmother, but I was va bit lonely. I would have preferred to have had my family and friends from the forest with me. I would have enjoyed it much more with them.” – and then she woke up still shocked about what she had done in her dream.

Later that day, during dinner, Helen told her family about her experience and how much she loved them and how she had learnt to value what she already had.




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