Short Story written by: Noelia Pablo.

In a faraway town, in the fields lived lots of families of different animals. One of the families was the fox family.

The family of foxes were worried because they didn´t know how to protect themselves from other animals.

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The youngest of the family decided to go out to find a solution that would help his family, so he walked and walked far away until he saw a small house in the middle of the forest where lived an old female fox.

The little fox knocked on the door and she let him in.

– What are you doing here? Are you lost? – she asked.

– No, I´m looking for something to help my family feel safer. All the animals have something to defend themselves except us.

– I understand – said the old fox – Well, I have the solution come with me…

And theywent to the back garden where the old female fox had planted lots of stinking roots.

– Argg, These stink! – said the little fox.

– These roots will help you. Plant some of these around your house and see.

The little fox did what she had said and planted the roots, and as days went by less animals came near. The fox family were very happy but had their doubts.

– “Is it because of the smell, or is there something else?” – thought the little fox.

He watched his garden and his family and noticed that every time an animal was outside, it wagged its tail instinctively against the bad smell of the roots, and that was what shooed away all the other animals.

So, The little fox and his family were happy knowing that from that day on they were going to be safe.




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