Short Story written by: Paloma

There was a little girl who lived with her father but unfortunately they were poor.

The girl´s dream was to have a big colourful castle and a pony.

One day she went into the woods to gather wild berries. The little girl was so distracted tasting the fruit and choosing the good ones that she didn´t realise how far she was moving away from her father’s house until it was getting late and she was lost.

Childrens stories - The little boy and the forest

She was very scared and walked and walked for hours. Finally she saw an abandoned wooden cabin and went inside.

She was so tired that she failed to notice all the bags full of gold beside the hearth. She just climbed into bed and fell asleep.

After a few hours a voice woke her up. It was her father, who had been really worried and had been looking for her for hours, shouting out in desperatation:

– “Julie! where are you?!”

The girl jumped out of the bed and opened the door of the cabin.

– “Dad! dad! I’m here!” – she shouted.

He ran to hug and kiss her. He went inside the cabin and this time the girl saw the bags of gold and told her father.

-“Oh, we won´t be poor any more, and I can buy my daughter the castle and the pony she always wanted! – he thought.

And so he did. The girl and her father never suffered from hunger again, and became the heroes of the city helping every person who asked for their help.




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