Short Story written by: Miranda Guzman

In a faraway forest lived a wolf who had no friends even though he was very nice and inoffensive.

He went for a walk one day, in search of friends, and speaking to all the animals that were around. The first animal he saw was a racoon:

– ” Let´s be friends” – said the wolf, but the racoon ran away confusing the poor wolf.

Short stories - The wolf and the ladder

Then he saw a big bear, who also ran away when the wolf approached him, A little bird, who was around, flew up into the sky and disappeared when he saw the lonely wolf. A spider did the same, and so did a rabbit, a deer and a squirrel.

The wolf finally realised that the other animals were scared of him and that he wouldn´t be able to find a friend.

Walking home, downcast, he was surprised when a skunk appeared in front of him. The wolf started to run away, screaming:

– “A stinky skunk!”

When the other animals saw him scared of a skunk they realised that he would probably be a nice wolf, otherwise he wouldn´t be scared of a little skunk.

They all visited the wolf, until all the animals were his friends, even the skunk, who was very nice too.

Well, appearances are deceptive, so let´s give everybody an opportunity to get to know each other. Saying Hello is a good way to begin.




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