Short Story written by: Pablo Sacristán

Greek philosopher was walking through the forest when he saw two gigantic women in the middle of the road.

The women were enormous, their height wasn’t normal and the shocked philosopher hid behind a tree.

The philosopher stood behind the tree thinking how to get out of there when two Princes from the kingdom appeared. One of them was bleeding from his ear:


– Justice! My brother has cut my ear! I want justice!

– Who do you prefer? – asked one of the huge women – If you choose me I will discover the cause of the attack and will make sure that your brother feels guilty about it. He will make you the best helmet ever to cover the scar and will protect you for the rest of your days on the battlefield“.

– And what do you offer? – asked the prince to the other woman.

– I will punish your brother for what he has done. He will be locked up in a cell for at least one year and be forced to give you 1000 gold coins and you will have the chance of cutting off both his ears“.

The prince touched his bloody ear thoughtfully, then looked at his brother with fury and chose the way of the second woman.

So, the guards arrested his brother and left.

When the two women were alone again, the second one transformed herself into Ares, God of War:

– Ha ha ha! You stupid human! You still prefer war and revenge, as your Justice! I´m going to get ready for the coming war! – and she left the place laughing.

The other woman, who had transformed into the Goddess of Justice, looked at the Greek philosopher, who was still hiding behind the tree trying to assimilate what he had just seen, and said:

– Which one of us would you have chosen? Hate and revenge or hope for the future?

The wise philosopher was clear in his decision. “Hope for the future,” he said.

What about you?



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