Short story written by: Jhohan Sebastian

There was a turtle called Shelly living in the fields in front of the beach .

Shelly was always very bored due to her slowness, in addition, the rest of the animals were always making fun of her.

Short stories - the turtle and the moped

Tired of the other animals and their jokes she decided to buy a motorbike so she wouldn´t be the slowest animal any more.

Once she bought it, she used it for everything, and hardly ever walked anywhere.

But she was always driving too fast and the other animals weren´t very happy about it, so they went to complain to the tiger, the traffic manager.

The tiger calmed them promising that the next time the turtle drove so fast, she would be punished by animal law.

The next day, Shelly took her motorbike and began to drive as fast as ever. Suddenly, the tiger appeared behind two trees and stopped her. He advised her not to drive so fast, otherwise she would be fined.

Despite the warning, Shelly kept driving fast, until she crashed into a tree.

Her motorbike was destroyed and she had to pay a big fine because she had not respected the speed limit.

Now the turtle walks everywhere and has learnt her lesson, and has been a model citizen since then.




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