Short Story for Kids written by: Renata H.

A day like any other day, Ricky woke up and went to have a bath before being one hour in front of the mirror as usually; to go to see his friends.

-“Hi guys! How are you?” – Said Lily happily.

Ricky thought to himself: “They are so badly dressed; Lily always wearing Lilac clothes! and…oh…that fatty Roky sloppy with his beige shirt, even if he thinks is white…”


– ” Are we going to the party tonight?” – asked Roky.

– “No way, Roky” – said Ricky.

– “Why not?” – asked Lily without knowing what was Ricky thinking about.

– “I don´t tolerare it any more, you are always badly dressed, cheap…”

– “But that is how we dress”.

– “I know, but you can listen to my advices, like…why don´t you change your shirt! You keep saying is white although it´s clearly beige due to the dirt”.

– “That again?, Roky, how can you let him offend you like that?”

-“I have some suggestions for you too, Lily; Why are you always wearing lilac clothes? Can you not be more sophisticated?”

-“…Roky, let´s go! leave him alone!” – Lily Shouted.

Later, at the party…

– “Roky look! is Ricky…”

– “But he said he was not coming”.

– “I know, but, look who is with him!”

– “Oh! Lion and his long mane, with Panther and Tiger with his deep look!”.

– “Hello to everyone!so nice you came, Ricky” – Said Roky.

– “Excuse me, who are you?” – said the Lion rustling his long mane on Roke´s face.

– “What are you doing talking to them?”

-“Oh!Look who came, the rabbit girl!” – said Panther

-“They are Ricky´s friends” – Said Tiger

-“Ricky…are Tiger and Panther right? Are they your friends? because if they are…” – asked Lion

-“Of course not!I don´t even know them, friend of those animals?..” – replied Ricky.

– “Let´s go out of here” – Said Lily to Roky.

Everything is not bright and now it was Ricky´s turn:

– “Ricky! bring my green leaves juice!”

-“Yes Lion, Immediately”- Said Ricky.

– “And we want two lemon juices and nuts!” – said Panther and Tiger.

– “What?”

– “Oh..are you deaf now?…NUTS!! Haven´t you collected enough?”

-“But..I took them for me…” – said Ricky.

-“Forget it, nothing is yours from now on, everything will be ours!Do you understand?”

Ricky went panting to prepare everything to the kitchen.

All the days were the same, days passed, and one day they asked Ricky to burn his friends´clothes. He did it, but Lily´s house was burned accidentally.

-“Wow! you are more evil than us” – Lion said.

– “Lion…that was not my intention, you ordered to me”

– “No…you did it…Didn´t he, guys?”

– “No, it´s also your fault, so, you are going to help me to reconstruct Lily´s house”

– “Haha! don´t you dare to say that we ordered you to do it”.

-“And…who treated those guys badly?”

-“Ricky” – said Panther.

-“Yesss” – said the lion.

– “THAT IS ENOUGH!YOU ARE THE WORST! – threw the tray with all the drinks on, hitting the lion´s leg.

– “ROAR!” Do something!” – roared the Lion, the panther and the tiger tried to calm his pain.

Once at home, he began to pack his suitcase to go far far away. Was moving all his things and suddenly a little porcelain figure, that Lily had given him for his birthday, fell down. He remembered Lily´s words:

“A broken porcelain is like a broken friendship. There are two options, try to paste the pieces, or throw them away. But you have to know that if you paste them, nobody will admire it, because is damaged and looks ugly”

-“If I throw it up, I will loose it forever!…these are the consequences of my actions…”

With this words in his head, he knew that his friendship was already lost.

Left a note apologizing to his two friends, Lily and Roky, too late, maybe, but at least he did it…and at the end of the note wrote that his house was now Lily´s house.

And the evil Lion, Tiger and Panther were expelled from the forest due to Ricky and other animals´statement.



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