New Short Story for Kids written by: Massiel.

Once upon a time…

There once was an animal kingdom governed by a big, wild lion who everybodyv was afraid of.

He used to punish every animal that got in his way. But one day, all the animals arranged a meeting without the lion and said:


-“We need to hatch a plan so that this lion will not punish us again!”

So, they made small weapons just to scare him, not to use them. Once everything was planned, they went to look for the lion.



The lion was with his friends when all the other animals arrived. They began an argument involving all of them, but finally, the lions won and so nothing changed.

After some time, the animals of the forest were still scared of the lion. They decided to call some friends from other forests to face the lion who was on his own at that time. They were not going to rest until they could live in peace.

The animals told the lion not to be so aggressive. They did not want to fight, but saw that they had to do it, and so they attacked him.

The lion gave up and said they had won. He finally understood that his behavior was not good, and promised not to punish them never again.

From that day all the animals lived in peace and harmony.

And that is the end of the story…


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