Short Story for Children written by: Sergio de las Heras Alija.

Once upon a time there was a wild boar called Christian who was going to town every day to have lunch with his friends.

One day, there was a fire at the forest where he was living with his family, so, they had to go down to town to take refuge and protect themselves from the flames.

Short stories - The day of the tree

People in town took guns, shotguns, torches and pointed objects. They finished off all of them but a young wild boar called Christian. He hid in a vegetable garden during forteen years, eating from the garbage cans, scared of dying like his family.



But one day, somebody saw him, a kid, the kid was so scared and asked him what was he doing there, the little wild boar told that all his friends and his family had disappeared.

The kid told everything to his father, and he understood what happened that day, everything had been a terrible accident. So  since that day, they all could live together with the wild boars forever.

Then, everybody from town helped to recover the forest and feeded the wild boars when there was not food left in the forest.

And that is the end of the story…

 Moral of the Story: Take care of the forest.


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