Short Story for Kids written by: Ilca Solima.

When the cock John; the lord of the yard and of the firs ray of sun, was still not awake, Julia was already running through the wet field due to the aromatic dew; without shoes and moving her dark and curly hair, greeting the wind...mmm…the wind, Julia loves it so much…and he loves her back caressing her every morning.

Arrived running to the wheat field and lied down on her back, contemplating a spider web under the sun.


Julia welcomed the king of the sky smiling; he took off his pyjamas cap and greeted her back with a little gold ray of light that you can only see before the cock crow. And the playful little dove kept it inside her pocket.



“Little dove” (was the way her grandmother used to call Julia) was wearing a blue dress, kept playing on the wheat field and under a big stone met James, an old snail, friend of her since she knew the secrets of the sown field.

The poor snail rose his antennas to check who was waking him up in the early hours of the morning, and when he saw Julia´s beautiful face smiled asking her which was the purpose of her visit. Little Julia, (as the animals of the farm called her), put the snail on her hand and sang a lullaby, then kissed him and put him back under the stone where she met him.

Not too far, John´s crow was heard, cock-a-doodle-doo… that cock-a-doodle-doo that goes over the whole farm, the wheat fields, the lake; and even reaches the sky to tell everybody that a new day has arrived and is time to look at the morning light. Julia stayed quiet listening how her friend the wind took the melodic row of the cock traveling all over the valley.

She watched the ladybugs flying to the flower fields, eager of sweet nectar, and the cricket orchestra taking their violins and going to sleep. Meanwhile, the sunflowers were combing their petals to show up to their king; the sun, the beauty he expects to find on them.

There were more birds than the previous morning, because many chicks were born that sunrise and were now asking for food to their mommies.

Julia looked at those marvelous things with her big black eyes and her nymph´s eyelashes. Gathered some flowers and ran back home to tell everything to her parents about the beautiful field. Her mom waited for her at the entrance calling her for breakfast; little dove jumped to her arms and gave her the bouquet of flowers and a sweet kiss.

She went to bed at nightfall, kneeling and putting her hands together, thanking everything she had enjoyed that day to God, and asked him to let her contemplate another sunrise at the wheat field.

Then fell asleep and traveled to that quite and beautiful place where children go to sleep, waiting for the next day excited.



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