Short Story for Kids written by: Isabel García Giner.

Once upon a time there was a girl called Elisa, she was living with her dad, her mom, her little brother and her dog Simba. Elisa loved going to the field to gather flowers, she loved to make necklaces with them, always going with her dog Simba.

One day that she went to the field as any other day, got away from the forest and got lost… Simba started barking, like telling that they were lost.


chocolate house candy


She was so scared, tried to find the way back home but could not find it. They saw a house in the distance, but when they approached it realized that it was not a normal house, it was a candy house.

Meanwhile, Elisa´s father was really worried of her not coming back home, and it was getting dark. They were afraid, especially her mother, who waited at home while her father went to the field to look for her with some people from town.



When Elisa reached the candy house,wanted to get in, which it was a curios and peculiar. Bimba pulled up her jacket trying to prevent going in. But Elisa went inside and was amazed to see what was inside, decorated with sweets, marshmallow, candy blackberries, candy strawberries, licorices…She was starving after seeing all the sweets.

When she saw a cherry cake on a table, ate a piece, saying:

-“Mmm! this cake is delicious, I´m going to eat one more piece…”

And so she did, when she finished the first peace took another one, but did no eat more pieces, because the cake was too big and could have stomach ache.

Later, she heard footsteps coming from outside, someone was approaching the house. Elisa and her dog Simba hid under the bed, and saw an old woman that was about sixty years old, getting into the house.

The woman, who lived in that house, saw something strange, somebody had ate two peaces of the cherry cake she had made.

– “Has somebody eaten my cake? has somebody been in my house?

The woman had a nice smell, noticed that somebody was at her house, and noticed an animal smell, started searching. Suddenly, Elisa sneezed.

– “Achoo!”

The woman discovered her, and said:

– “Girl, come here! I´m not going to do anything”.

Elisa and her dog Simba went out of under the bed.

The woman asked her.

– “Girl, what is your name?

– “Elisa, and he is my dog Simba” – replied the girl.

The old woman offered her a pice of cake and a glass of milk, and gave water to Simba, because she did not have dog food. Elisa thanked her, and Simba barked thanking her to.

Meanwhile, in the forest, his father was searching for her and her dog with the villagers. Suddenly the father stopped contemplating the candy house in the distance, as he knew, his daughter was very curious and loved sweets, so did not hesitate to approach the house to ask, the villagers followed him.

When they arrived, the father knocked the door.

“knock, knock…”

The old woman opened, and the father said.

– Good morning lady, have you seen a little girl and a dog?”

And the old woman said: “Come in, Is this your daughter?”

When the girl saw her father leaped on him to hug him, the dog did too. The father took the girl to take her back home, but thanked the woman first for having cared for his daughter and his dog.

The woman said that was happy of having done it. Elisa promised the old woman that she was going to visit her often, but with her father or mother to don´t get lost again. The old woman smiled and gave her the rest of the cake she had made.

And that is the end of the story…


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