Short Story for kids written by:  Martha Bianchi

A drop of rain fell onto the street and a little frog that was hanging around asked:

“Where do you come from?”

“I fell from a cloud, and many more will fall soon”

“Cool! So they will make puddles in whick I can play!. How did you fall?” – it added.

short stories - glug and the water cycle

Yesterday we were very high up in the clouds, all together. Suddenly, a cold breeze hit us, pushed us with all its strength and we fell from the cloud!

“Oh! your are so lucky to be able to hang around so high up!”

“Yes, it´s fantastic, we can see all the landscape from up there”

“And now the leaves of the plants will become really green, and the flowers will be more colourful!” – shouted the frog.

“Sure! and there will be good harvest emerging from the cultivated fields!” – said the drop of rain.

“And what will happen when the drops stop falling?” – asked the frog worried.

“We will wait for the sun to come out, and then we will go up into the cloud again, and water other places”, said the drop.

“Well, I´m going to look for my friends to play in the puddles and sing a bit” – and he left jumping happily.

Another drop had fallen on a window pane, and a kid called John looked at the wet roads with a sad face, holding his ball and thinking that he couldn’t go out to play. Then, the drop ran down the glass and said to the kid: “Why don’t you look for a paper boat and come out to play in the puddles, you will have so much fun!”

Some snails came out in the garden due to the rain, and a sleepy turtle put her head out and began to walk slowly to take a bath. The birds were curled up on the branches of the trees, shaking there little feathers while waiting for the rain to stop so they could start singing.

Meanwhile, in the kitchen, Martha, the grandmother cooked delicious fried pastries, Mario, the grandfather, watched a movie as beside him, his granddaughter Emma, was drawing in a colouring book.

Rainy days are so beautiful !


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