Short Story written by Manjari Shukla

Little Johny was a cute and charming young boy who was loved by everyone. He never troubled his mother and played all day with his toys. He would spend the entire day playing on the floor and the dirt and dust on the floor would make him very dirty.

In spite of his mother’s repeated requests he wouldn’t take a bath. He always made excuses to avoid taking a bath.

bath tub

One day he looked particularly dirty and his hair was all shabby, so his mother kissed him gently and said-“Today I will give you a bubble bath.”

Little Johny gave many excuses so as not to have a bath. But in the end he replied “Only if I can take my big yellow ball into the bath tub.” His mother agreed happily and said -“Yes, you can take it.”  Continue reading…


Once upon a time there was a clown who really loved swimming. He participated in important competitions all over the world.

He was a very good swimmer and he also dressed up as a clown in competitions, and that´s why everyone knew him as the swimmer clown.

clown swim

He was one of the best swimmers in the world, actually, and he won any competition he wanted, nevertheless, everybody knew what he did in every competition. Continue reading…


In the heart of the Bardenas desert in Spain, there lived a green cactus named Thorny. Since Thorny was a plant and couldn’t move, he would spend his days looking at the world around him.

Thorny was a large cactus with large thorns.  There was also lots of space between his thorns, and so small birds could land on his thorns without getting pricked.


On the outside Thorny looked dangerous, with big thorns and tough skin, but on the inside, he was full of water, which was a big surprise to many.

The desert birds knew that Thorny had water inside, so for a few days they flew around him. Continue reading…


Once upon a time, there was a white daisy called Fleur who lived in a very big field full of other daisies. All the plants had a very important function in life, and that was to perform photosynthesis.

Fleur was a very young plant, but she was also very intelligent because from the moment she was born she never stopped observing the actions of a yellow daisy that lived beside her.

One day, when she was just a little daisy, Fleur asked the yellow flower: “Yellow daisy, what’s photosynthesis? The other plants say that’s what we do.” And the yellow daisy answered: “Well, photosynthesis is when we plants absorb the light from the sun and water from the ground to feed ourselves and grow. That way we also help the nature maintain its balance.”

Short stories - Fleur and the photosynthesis

“But how do we help it maintain its balance? What exactly do we do?” Fleur asked, for she was very curious. Continue reading…


Once upon a time, there was a little drop of water called Glug who lived in a river. Even though she didn’t know it, she had a very important mission on Earth, and that was in the cycle of water.

Glug was a very young water drop so she didn’t know why her mother would often leave the river and return a few days later. So one morning when the sun was shining brightly, Glug asked: “Mum, why do you leave the river sometimes?” Her mother answered: “Well, because we water drops have a very important job to do: we must ensure that the cycle of water continues.”

Glug was very surprised, for she had never imagined that her mother was so important to Earth. However, Glug wasn’t very sure exactly what this mission actually was, so she asked:

short stories - glug and the water cycle

“So what’s the important mission, Mum?”

“It’s not just my mission, but yours too, and all the water drops on Earth.”

Glug was open-mouthed, for she too was part of this important mission for the planet. Continue reading…