Short Story written by: Martha Bianchi (Argentina).

Anna is watching the rain…has her face against the glass of the window and is observing how the drops fall down the street making little puddles. People passes with their umbrellas in a hurry, the cars are driving carefully, not too fast.

Is almost midday, and continues raining, Anna has to go to school and thinks about how to go without getting wet. Has the school bag ready, loos for her smock looking at her mom and says: “Hurry up mom, I’m going to be late”


Her mom replies shocked: “Anna, today it´s raining very hard, you are not going to class”

“Yeeees!, I want to go…I want to go! Rainy days are beautiful at school, and the teacher gives good marks!” – says Anna.

“No way!…you can get sick”

“Mom, I don´t want to miss school, I´m sure today we will draw” – begs.

Mom wraps her up at her insistence, and go out with an umbrella to wait the school bus. Anna goes in and notices stranged that there are only teachers inside.

When they arrive at school there are no more kids, is still raining, and Anna´s teacher greets her and invites her to get into the hall. “We are not having class today” – says. – “But I congratulate you for being a responsible girl and very studious! so, we will use tea time to tell a short story, a short story that you can paint in your notebook”. – says the teacher with affection.

Once upon a time…there was a little rabbit that had a very long ears, and the other rabbits were always making fun of him. One day, he was veeery sad, and went to the field for a walk. 

Met a hare after a while, and told her what was going on, and she said: “Ignore them, you are like them, but, I can borrow you my hat in case you feel bad…wow! it really fits you! you look like Mister rabbit! – “Thank you very much” – replied the rabbit.

When he went back home, the other rabbits were shocked, he was very elegant, and they were very sorry; “we really miss you, friend! “- said to him – “Come back and forgive us!” – And the long ears rabbit said “I forgive you, but my friend, the hare helped me, and I can not abandon her; I will come to visit you, bye!” – The other rabbits learnt the lesson and… that is the end of the story…” – says the teacher.

Anna has paid careful attention to the story, so takes out her color pencils and begins to draw, when she finishes, the teacher writes a congratulations note on her notebook.

Then, Anna goes back home really happy and eats a delicious hot chocolate.


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