New Short Story for Kids written by: Ana Isabel Martín.

Paul really likes playing in the fields. His parents have a little house in a small town near to a city, which they usually go to every weekend.

There, Paul could play near a small stream, where he could wet his feet.

Childrens stories - Flora the leaping frog

Paul likes hunting bugs. He likes to hunt for crickets, frogs, and fireflies. One day, he caught a frog and went to put it in a jar. When he was about to pick up the the frog, the frog looked at him and said:

-“I will become a Prince if you kiss me”



-“Ugh! Disgusting! I´m not kissing a frog!” – said Paul – “And, why do you want to be a prince anyway? Nowadays everybody ignores princes. To be a talking frog is much better.”

The frog did not seem to be very convinced. He had always wanted someone to kiss him so he could become a Prince. His life as a frog had just been, waiting, waiting, waiting and waiting.

But Paul had just told him that to be a talking frog was amazing, unique in the world. Everybody was going to be amazed. He could even become President or Minister of the Environment or a Minister’s assistant!

The frog still did not believe Paul too much, as he wondered who would pay attention to a frog, but he accepted Paul’s invitation and went to Paul´s house.

– “You need a name”, said Paul, “What was your name when you were a Prince?”

-“My name was William Baltimore III” – said the frog proudly.

-“Ok, now you are called Willy, ok?” – said Paul.

The frog was not too convinced, but accepted anyway.

Next Monday, Paul took Willy to school with him, and there was an immediate stir. Everybody wanted to see Willy the talking frog. Willy made more friends in one day than in his whole life as a frog.

Willy was suprised, how could that be possible, so many people paying attention to him? He was just a green, sticky frog. Paul told him that he should not focus on bad things, he had to think about what made somebody unique and different from everyone else.

So, Willy completely forgot about the idea of becoming a prince. He learnt to read and write, and he read many, many books, and talked to many, many people. He even appeared on television.

But he never forgot that it was Paul who had taught him to live happily as a frog.

Paul and Willy stayed friends forever.


Moral of The Short Story: bring out the best of oneself and be happy.

Values of the Short Story: Friendship, self-esteem.

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