New Short Story for boys and girls written by: Juan Pablo Urcola (Argentina).

Once upon a time, under a leafy tree situated in a beautiful garden, there was a little frog who had made a cave between the tree´s roots.

The frog Mimi used to croak every day until midday, when the sun illuminated her door.

Childrens stories - Flora the leaping frog

When this happened, Mimi went out of her cave through moss and the morning dew, hiding somewhere, looking for flies, mosquitos, worms and ants.

One morning, while she was tuning her throat to sing her serenade as always, a big storm began, and drop after drop, the rain was so strong.



Hours passed, and the rain was not stopping. Mimi needed to go out to look for some food, but how could she get out her little cave with such a storm?.

One of Mimi´s characteristics was that she never gave up easily, she actually used to hatch a plan in order to beat difficulties and reach her purposes every¡y day.

Mimi hatched the next plan:

Number one: Search for fallen leaves outside the cave´s door.

Number two: Don´t be afraid at all.

Number three: Be really careful outside under the rain.

Number four: Tie the leaves and weave them together, making a little survival canoe.

Number five: Get on the canoe and have confidence, the plan will work.

And so, Mimi, the wise frog, went rowing through the garden, carefully and with confidence. Rowing through puddles in the graden, searching for her usual food.

Her plan was so successful that had food left for the next day. So, went under the leafy tree, the sun rays were already shinning after the storm, and she could enjoy what she most liked to do; croaking, singing, croaking…

“Croak, croak, croak, ribbit, ribbit, ribbit, I am singing because I am happy, croak, croak, croak, gribbit gribbit, gribbit. I am singing because I overcame my fair



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