Short Story written by: Luis Muñoz.

This is the story of Phil, a good kid who is smart and obedient. But he was very sad because his dream was to have a dog to play with but he wasn´t allowed. He was seven years old and adored dogs as well as other animals and that´s why he was sad and unconsolable.

He had asked his parents for a dog a thousand times. He didn´t have brothers or sisters and so felt even more lonely. His parents had refused to buy him a dog because they didn’t like animals.

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Phil´s parents took him to a field one day to have a fun afternoon, but he didn’t want to play on his own, he just wanted to sit and think about how it might be to have a dog.

Phil walked slowly away from his parents. He was so distracted that didn´t see the bank in front of him and he slipped and fell into the river. Phil began to scream:

– “Help, Help!”

A stray dog that was hanging around saw him drowning and dove into the water to save him.

After hearing his cries for hep, Phil´s parents ran to help him, and saw with surprise that a dog was dragging their son out of the river by clutching his collar in its teeth.

Once out of the water, Phil looked at his parents and then at the dog and hugged the dog being so grateful that he had saved him.

From that moment, Phil´s dream was granted. His parents let him to take the dog home in appreciation for having saved his life from the river current.

Since then, Phil has been a happy, joyful and a funny kid, especially with his parents and with his dog whom he named “Saviour” .

From that day on, this family has always protected animals and taken care of them, teaching the value that animals can have for people.



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