Short Story written by: Sofia Espinoza Rodriguez

Alice had heard a rumour about witches at school, but didn´t believe it.

One night she heard a strange noise and woke up startled thinking about the rumour.

She went to take a look out of the window, but suddenly felt very tired and fell asleep on the floor.

Short stories - The twitchy witch

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  1. Frank SanGregory

    I’m 83 years old and for the past 12 or 13 years have been going to the first and second grade class of one of our local schools to tell stories to the students. I no doubt think a little differently about certain things than some of the younger generation.. I don’t like to be critical, but I fail to see where telling stories to children about witches and fairy god mothers will teach values to them. I commend you for your intentions and believe that you are doing a good service. But, I wanted give you my feed back.. Sincerely Frank J. SanGregory

    • Short Stories

      Hi Frank! Thanks for your comment, we keep in mind every comment. Witches and fairy godmothers are part of the short stories since always. Important tales and legends talk about magic characters. Stories are made to let imagination fly apart from teaching values, some stories teach more values than others, but they all are good if don´t tell bad stuff. In this case, the story is written by one of our readers, and we love it. I understand the point that some stories don´t teach as much values as they could, but we want children to enjoy, have fun and learn with our short stories.

      We are really thankful for your comment, glad you like our job, please, send us a story to be published it would be a pleasure :) sincerely, Short Stories.