Short Story written by: Sofia Espinoza Rodriguez

Alice had heard a rumour about witches at school, but didn´t believe it.

One night she heard a strange noise and woke up startled thinking about the rumour.

She went to take a look out of the window, but suddenly felt very tired and fell asleep on the floor.

Short stories - The twitchy witch

After a few hours she woke up on a big and confortable bed surrounded by lots of fairies and a wizard. Alice couldn´t believe what she was seeing. One of the beautiful fairies said:

“I am your Fairy Godmother, and also the Queen of the fairy kingdom. The rumours are true, but don´t worry, we are going to protect you. Keep these two charms with you. If you hear strange noises hold the first one and the noises will disappear, if you need me, hold the other one and I will come and help you, now go home and sleep peacefully.”

Then she raised her arms and Alice appeared back in her bed.

From that day on, Alice kept her secret and lived happily knowing that her fairy godmother would always protect her.




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