Short Story written by: Isabella Gómez

Once upon a time, there was a grandfather called Ronny who organized a day’s camping and invited his grandchildren Michael and Jess.

Jess was very excited and asked her brother, Michael:

– “Hey brother, where are we going?”

– “To an Island”


Jess and Michael excitedly packed everything for their camping trip, and so did Ronny.

Once they had everything ready they set off for the island.

When they reached the Island they began their day’s camping. At the end of the day they Michael and Ronny were ready to go back home but Jess had eaten too much.

After waiting for Jess it became too late to leave and so they had to spend the night at the island. But they had no place to sleep, so Michael and Jess made a little refuge with dry leaves and they slept very well.

When they woke up the next morning, they were ready to go back home but something unexpected happened. A pirate appeared in front of them, and said that he would not allow them to leave because those who had spent one night at his island had to stay there until somebody rescued them.

The pirate stood in front of them and said:

– “You must stay until somebody comes to rescue you!”

– “But…why?” – asked Ronny.

– “Because you have spent one night on my island. If you spend one night on my island, somebody has to rescue you.”

Then the pirate gave them work to do.

He ordered to Michael and Jess to tidy up all the leaves they had used for their refuge because a Pirate island has to be clean.

While Michael and Jess cleaned the refuge, Ronny removed all the bread crusts they had left there at lunch time.

While the pirate watched them working, a peasant came to him and asked:

– “Why do you make them work like this? They don´t deserve it”

The pirate replied furiously:

– “Because they have spent one night on my island and so they have to wait for someone to come. How can I let them stay here without making them work hard? They have to tidy up all the mess they have made on my island”.

The peasant said, softly:

– “Ok, but I’m here to rescue them.”

The pirate told Michael, Ronny and Jess that somebody had come to rescue them.

Michael, Ronny and Jess then left the island. They were all very thankful and told their story to the peasant.

– “But why did you rescue us?” – Asked Ronny.

– “First of all, I live in a town where my mother gave me a good education. All peasants are nice to people in trouble like you. It´s important to help each other, and I will need your help some day” – “Bye, bye! see you later! My mother is waiting for me at home.” – he shouted from afar.

-“Sure, thanks, thanks a lot!”.


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