New Short Story for Kids written by: Jared.

Everybody knows Superman is unique, but there is a secret.

Most of people thought that superman did not exist, or that had been defeated by Doomsday.


Doomsday was dominating the world until one day, a meteorite fell far from the city. Those who were saved found somebody inside the meteorite, a boy that was looking for his father. They asked him who was his father and he said:

– Kal.



He was talking about Superman´s real name, but they said he had disappeared.

Years passed until the kid became an adult.

He was so sad because of his father, wanted to see the person who fought against him for the last time.

Found Dommsday and beat him in order not to hurt anybody again. So, everybody knew him as Superman red son.

He always tried to defend inocent people beating evil.

And that is the end of the story…


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