Short Story for boys and girls written by: Valentina Trimboli.

One day, Martin bought a fish, a beautiful gold colored fish. His name was Billy.

Then he bought a fish bowl, to be the fish’s temporary home, as the fish was going to be released into the sea sometime in the future.

fish bowl short stories

Unconsciously, Martin raised his fish so that it developd several fears. It suffered fear for life beyond its bowl, fear to swim free, fear to explore everything in the outside world.



On Saturday 8th February 2005, Martin went to the beach with a group of members of the AHA (Animal Health Association) to free Billy (the fish) because it was now an adult.

When Billy found himself in such a big, open space, he didn´t know what to do, where to go or how to react to common things, like boats and bigger fish, and he didn’t know how to feed himself or where to live.

One day, Billy was swimming between the coral at the bottom of the sea, when suddenly, between two brilliant rocks, he saw sharks approaching him. Billy trembled with fear and the sharks could hear his teeth trembling. Billy didn´t know how to react and so looked at them and said:

– “Don´t eaaaaat me. Pleeeeease!”

The two sharks looked at him, laughed and said:

– “Don´t be scared little friend. We won´t hurt you, but you have to be careful and eat something too, you are too skinny”.

Billy said sadly:

– “I know, but my owner raised me in a fish bowl, I didn´t know what to do when he brought me here, back to the sea. I don´t know what to eat or where to live. Can you help me?”

The sharks said: “Sure, little one, come with us”.

Billy followed them…

Nowadays, Billy is a strong and healthy gold colored fish, with a big smile that illuminates even the darkest of places, as he has everything he wants. Has a warm home and two shark friends that help him and are with him all the time.



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